Top 10 Marriage Tips That Every Woman Must Know to Stay in Marriage

Top 10 Marriage Tips That Every Woman Must Know to Stay in Marriage

There is a cliché that “marriage must be enjoyed and not endured”, well, this appears to be partly true and partly false. A marriage must of necessity be enjoyed all the way, but there are times when certain things must be endured to make the marriage perfectly real – or it might be a fictional marriage enacted in some beautifully written prose. Marriages are made to be enjoyed, but certain things must be endured to make the desired enjoyment a reality. Many celebrities the world over fear going into marriage on the ostensible reason that they fear any subsequent or resultant divorce – but have you noticed that male celebrities easily get married, and only female celebs fear getting married? Well, the following tips would help all women to be enjoy their marriages for life and to stay in marriage:

1. Submit to your husband: Nothing gets a man like total deference and submission from their wives. Men are naturally egoistic and even egotistic, and submission is the only thing that breaks them down. Watch the expression on your hubby’s facial features the day you dare call him “My Lord”. Men want to be treated like lords, and you’ll control your man to any extents if you treat him like a lord.

2. Guard your heart against what you hear: Don’t be carried away by what you hear about your husband, and be careful what you think when he comes home late. The moment you allow a seed of suspicion to grow or be watered in your heart, then you are laying the foundation of failure in your marriage. Guard your heart over what you think or hear and hear only what you want to hear about your husband.

3. Prioritise things: Prioritise things in your family and let it be obvious in everything you do. The best order for managing your life and home is God, husband, career, and kids in that order. This will help you to manage your life, home, and family when things crop up.

4. Always communicate openly: Do not allow issues to lie until you have tactically resolved it. Be open and communicate openly with your hubby. Tell him how you feel in your body and what you think about certain issues that affect him and the family. Be open and accessible and you’d enjoy the confidence of your man to the limits.

5. Enjoy sex: Men like sex and you must be able to give it to them. In fact, you must learn to love sex too or it will be a bore. Men love it when you play out to their sexual advances and drives. Let your husband know you enjoy sex with him, and rise up to his gymnastics in bed if it ever comes to it. Men love it when they see women enjoying their lovemaking.

6. Love his family and friends: Love your spouse’s friends and family and you’d be secure in his home. Friends and family or relatives can drive a wedge into a marriage, so ensure that you are never up in arms against your husband’s friends and relatives unless of course you have security reasons to be thus minded.

7. Don’t stand up to him: Men like things to be pointed out to them, but they don’t like it when women or their wives for that matter stand up to them. It is like an employee standing up to his employer – of course he risks being sacked without warnings or any formal queries. So don’t ever stand up to your husband even when he is wrong; learn to be discreet and tactical.

8. Pray for him and for the family: Always pray for your husband and your family. When your husband sees you praying for the family always, he loves you for your spiritual attention to the family, and your prayers also get to work wonders for your home.

9. Know how to cook his favourites: You must know how to cook your man’s native delicacies. Most men don’t like eating out, so it is better you develop the culinary skills to keep your husband glued to your kitchen, and remember “the only way to a man’s heart is his belly”.

10. Surprise him with gifts: It shouldn’t only be men buying the gifts, turn the table against him one day and surprise him with a gift. The more surprises you have for your man the more he gets enchanted by you.

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