Husbands: What Are Your Responsibilities in the Home?


Most men are quick to claim that they know their responsibilities in the home, but events and situations within their homes prove otherwise. Almost all problems that married couples face in the matrimonial home today are related to responsibilities – problems arise when husbands fail in their responsibilities to their wives and family, and problems crop up when wives neglect their matrimonial responsibilities to their husbands and families. These neglected responsibilities may be sexual, financial, affection, behavioural, communication, or religious in nature, but whatever it is – it sure boils down to negligence of matrimonial duties and responsibilities.

Since we are speaking to men here, let us apply the Biblical reference that “a man is the head of the wife just as Christ is the head of the church” here. Our main reference in helping the man to wake up to his responsibilities or to know them is in the words “a man is the head of the wife”. If the man is therefore the head of the wife, then it means the woman is the body of the man. Right? True. There are features that make the head what it is, and there are features that constitute the body. Let us examine the features of a head as they relate to the responsibilities of a man, and at some other time, we may examine the constituents of the body as they relate to the responsibilities of a woman in the home and to her husband.

  1. The brain: The brain is located in the head, and it is the centre-point or control and engine-room of the head and body. The thinking processes of the human body are carried out in the human brain. Likewise, the husband should be the brain of the family; he should be thinking on behalf of his wife and children; and his mental processes as the brain of the family should steer the family in the right course and never in the wrong course. In one word, the husband is the think-tank and he thinks on behalf of the family and initiates processes and takes decisions on behalf of his wife and family.
  2. The eyes: The eyes are located in the head and it helps the body to see and to appreciate things. The husband should be the eyes of the family. He should see for his wife and family. He should see good afar off and work toward it, and he should also be able to see evil afar off and steer his wife and family away from it. The husband should see physical things and spiritual things for his family – he is the seer, and his wife and children should always see through his eyes.
  3. The nose: The nose is also located in the head. It smells good and bad. It gets attracted to good smells which might be good for the body, and get repelled by bad smells which might harm the body. The husband should be the nose for his wife and children, always sniffing the air to determine what is right and bad for the family from scents carried in the winds. He should acquire good smells and avoid bad smells as they relate to personal security and material things for his family.
  4. The mouth: The mouth is also located in the head. The mouth speaks and tastes things and ingests food to sustain the body. The man must be the mouthpiece of the family. He should repair and build his wife through good and encouraging words. He should protect his wife and children with positive and authoritative words. The man should also “taste” things to determine their suitability for family “consumptions”; and furthermore, he should provide for his body – wife and children. Remember the body is fed through the mouth, so the man should provide and sustain his family through the provision of good foods.
  5. The ears: The ear is likewise located in the head, and it helps the body to maintain balance up and to collect information. The man should be the main balance of his wife and family, and his ears should be to the ground to hear things that would improve the lot of his family; while his ears should be turned away from any news or information that might compromise the integrity of his wife and children.

Do you still want to know more about the responsibilities of the husband to his wife and children? Or would love to know about the features of the human body and how they serve to guide the woman in her responsibilities to her husband and family? Then get in touch with us at 360eventee and we’d be glad to help.

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